Sillenger works in partnership with governments of developing countries to help attract foreign capital investment. This unlocks their natural resource wealth and stimulates social and economic growth. Sillenger’s proprietary CLP Claims Licensing Program® was developed as a catalyst to address the negative perceptions about a country or region that have made it difficult to attract the foreign capital investment necessary for growth.

Sillenger’s initial focus is mineral exploration opportunities in Africa. Parts of Africa have been noted for a rich history in gold, diamond, and other precious mineral mining. The continent hosts a number of major base metals mines extracting copper, zinc, bauxite, iron ore, etc. Recent exploration activity has led to the discovery of rare element strategic minerals such as uranium, tantalum, gallium and lithium.

Many African governments have recognized the need for democratization and economic development, legal reform, and political stability, and have been undergoing relatively peaceful transitions to liberal democracy and market-based economic. While rich in resources, many of these countries still find it difficult to attract the capital and expertise required to improve their industrial and social infrastructures, because the international perception is that the investment risk is simply too high.

We believe that while some countries justify those concerns, if one cares to look, they will see that there are also many tremendous opportunities in many stable jurisdictions that welcome and deserve investment. Sillenger’s initial focus is natural resource opportunities in Africa.

Change in Africa is ocurring at a much faster pace than many realize. At Sillenger, we believe Africa is the new frontier in the mining industry, therefore we are prepared to act boldly and decisively not only in seeking opportunity, but also by being a catalyst for economic and social development wherever we have a footprint.