Sillenger Highlights Vast Resource Potential of its MOU with Benin

October 10, 2011

TORONTO, Ontario – October 10, 2011 – (Marketwire) Sillenger Exploration Corp. (“Sillenger”) (OTCQB: SLGX). Further to the September 19, 2011 announcement of the Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) to form a partnership with the Government of the Republic of Benin, Sillenger is looking forward to helping the Republic of Benin attract foreign capital investment to unlock its natural resources wealth.

“Sillenger is very excited that Benin represents a true “greenfields” opportunity in a resource-rich environment. For resource investors, there are tremendous benefits that come from being an early entrant into a new jurisdiction.” stated Mr. John Gillespie, President of Sillenger. “Our partnership strategy is ideally suited for countries such as Benin, as we become the prospect generator for almost every opportunity that our work uncovers, regardless of the type of resource. Sillenger can play an important role in laying the foundation for economic prosperity for the people of Benin.“

Situated on the oil-rich Gulf of Guinea next to Africa’s leading oil producer, Nigeria, Benin offers tremendous potential for oil and gas exploration. Oil was first discovered in Benin in the 1960’s, and the Seme oil field produced 23 million barrels between 1985 and 1999, before being shut down due to declining oil prices. The Seme field has reserves of 115 million barrels and the field produced between 1500-2000 barrels per day. It is estimated that Benin has potential reserves of 5 billion barrels of oil, which represents $400 Billion at today’s prices.

Preliminary examination of Benin’s mining industry research suggests there is mineral potential for iron-ore, gold, limestone, marble, and agro-minerals such as phosphates. There is no history of significant mining activity in Benin, with the exception of limestone for the cement industry. Most West African countries along the Gulf of Guinea coast share a common geology. Ghana is the region’s leading gold producer, and Burkina Faso has attracted significant gold exploration activity, largely due to the implementation of economic policies centered on mining. Many of the known mineral-bearing geological structures appear to span across several borders.

About Sillenger Exploration Corp.

Sillenger is a natural resource development company dedicated to bringing a progressive, creative and proprietary approach to natural resource exploration.

The Sillenger CLP Claims Licensing Program® is a turnkey process used in partnership with Governments to improve the way their natural resources are managed. Sillenger’s Government partners provide a “fast-track” to expediting all necessary permits, licenses, legal, and other bureaucratic documentation and procedures that exploration and extraction companies would require in order to begin their work programs in these countries.

Forward-Looking Statements

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